Queensland Fake ID Order (2024 Update)

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100% Replica Queensland Drivers License. Scannable - Bendable - UV Print - Hologram. Chip is programmed with your information

Information: Our Queensland Fake ID. Used in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Cairns, Maroochydore, Townsville and the rest of Queensland.

This one has been our hardest Fake ID to master, as it is well known that Queensland has the toughest security features on their ID cards. Not tough enough for us though!

This has stumped seccies all around Brisbane and Gold Coast - they can't tell the difference, and neither can banks or bottle-O's!

We used 10k+ worth of equipment to create this so you will not be disappointed. Amongst the security features we have succesfully implemented into this Fake ID are:

  • the computer chip scans perfectly with your face and details (note this feature costs extra - email us if you need this)
  • exact hologram used by the Transport and Main Roads
  • see-through version of your face printed on the left side of the fake id card
  • "bubble" outline of Australia in the middle of the card
  • We use the exact same UV ink too which is used by some bouncers and cops and bank staff too

This has been tested in 2024 and 100% works on all ID scanners around Queensland - Order now and you won't be disappointed.

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