Fake ID Printer – Limited Time Offer



Thinking of buying more than 5 ID's? Want to know how to Make a Fake ID?


Why pay us (the middle man) when you can purchase your own set up.

If you attempt to buy these Fake ID Printers from an authorized seller within Australia your details will be flagged and investigated - all authorized sellers are required to do this by law.


We have found a way to get YOUR OWN industrial-quality identity card printer, delivered to your house from within Australia (so it doesn't have to pass through Customs)


We are offering the following package special for a limited time only.. we only have 3 left in stock and once we sell out, they'll be gone.

Package Contents:

1x Refurbished Fargo HDP5000 Printer (The Rolls Royce of ID printers.. all big banks/RTA/Vicroads use this) (RRP $3000)

1x embosser (to push the numbers out on certain cards)

3x 500 rolls of Color Ribbons (the 'ink' of the printer) (RRP $400)

1x 500 roll of VICTORIAN drivers license holograms + 500 blank cards with the clear strip (RRP $250)

1x 500 roll of NSW drivers license holograms + 500 blank cards with the green core (RRP $250)

1x 500 roll of WA drivers license holograms + 500 blank cards with the laser embossing (RRP $250)

1x 500 roll of Queensland drivers license holograms + 500 blank cards with the gold chip (RRP $250)

1x 500 roll of 1 other hologram of your choice.. this can be from anywhere within Australia or Overseas (RRP $250)

1x Photoshop Template pack of all Australian and International ID's (113 files in total)

Total value: $4900 (WHEN NEW)

We are offering this (off the books) -  discounted and delivered, and we will provide you with online training for for the first month for just:

$1497 AUD

You will make your money back on this investment in a month maximum - this is the closest thing you can get to printing your own money.

As mentioned before we only have 3 in stock, and once they're gone we won't be getting any more.

To purchase please email: [email protected] OR fill out the form below