south australia fake id

100% Replica South Australian (SA) Fake ID - this is an exact copy of the official drivers license used in Adelaide and the rest of SA.

It has the same hologram used on the real SA South Australian drivers license.

Scannable, Bendable, UV Prints, Holograms - we include EVERY feature of the real drivers license.

This has fooled bouncers all around Adelaide and SA - their scanners can't pick up that it's fake!

It's taken us a while but we finally mastered it.. we have spent over 10k on using the right printer, contacted the same supplier of holograms that prints the government ones and the fact we use this equipment  means your SA Fake ID will have the following features:

  • We use our top of the line printer to do deep laser printing of your personalised info - good luck trying to find another seller with this!
  • We have the correct SA state hologram including the micro text within the hologram
  • We replicate the UV ultraviolet light found on the real one.. even the cops fall for this
  • The real holographic overlay used on South Australian cards
  • The proper bar-code that scans
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This has been tested in 2022 and 100% works on all ID scanners around Adelaide and SA  - Order now and you won't be disappointed.